Lockwell Security Ltd

Over the last 20 years of fitting deadlocks, slam locks and other additional van security in Kent, we have noticed that van break-ins have been consistently on the increase. Whilst driving around Kent it’s a familiar sight to see van locks and handles that have been attacked. The van manufacturer’s locks are just not secure enough to stop these attacks.

Unfortunately, most of the van locks we fit are for customers who have already had their vans broken into, who have already experienced the loss of their tools, as well as the loss of a few days work and wages due to having no tools and having their van repaired.

Be aware, it is a common misconception that vans are only broken into at night, under the cover of darkness; in fact, due to the speed the manufacturer’s locks can be opened, most vans are broken into during the day, whilst either parked in the road or in a car park.